Featherweight Outboards!

Thank you for looking at our webstore  and reading about us. We established this business in 2001 after our 'hobby' grew the year before.

Our values
Granted, you hear this all the time, but we believe in upfront, honest, reliable service. We are not looking for a way to put our kids thru college, but looking to have some fun, make a little money and help people out. Too many 'service and sales' companies are only concerned about themselves. We know there are many people out there just like us who just need a little helping advice in some areas.

Please note that the pictured item, or the part number, may not be the exact one you receive.  We generally use Sierra products, but will also use CDI, Mallory and a small handful of others.  In some instances we will also ship OEM parts at the aftermarket price.  You will receive what will fit your motor.

In general, weekends are spent as family time and shipping doesn't usually happen on these days - and of course, holidays.

As of April 2008, Shawn is being deployed back to active duty. This is going to be a major change in our family as well as our business. Shawn is the motor person - I am not. I can help out with some simple questions and of course if you know your part number, we are good to go. This will not affect anything other than being able to answer technical questions as I'm the one that handles everything else to begin with.

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Featherweight Outboards is upfront